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The Painted House: Conserving the art of Maud Lewis

The Maud Lewis House
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March 26, 2023 @ 2:00 pm 3:00 pm

Maud Lewis is one of Canada’s most renowned folk artists, one whose story and paintings bring delight to thousands of visitors to Nova Scotia every year. Her art and life have garnered increased media attention over recent decades in part due to a dramatization of her life in film and the high value of her paintings at auction. At the heart of the Maud Lewis collection at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is her Painted House. Maud experimentally embellished almost every surface in her tiny home, formerly located in Marshalltown, Nova Scotia, creating an iconic artwork that was almost lost.

Extensive conservation continues to be vital in treating her paintings, the adorned objects inside her home, and every element of the house itself. The ability to share and present Maud Lewis’s art with the world is the result of this meticulous work. Join three conservators as they discuss their contributions to the preservation of Maud Lewis’s art and legacy.

Location: Paul O’Regan Hall, Halifax Public Library, 5440 Spring Garden Road, 

Panelists include: Craig Dix, Jennifer Fotheringham, and Michelle Gallinger.

The presentation will be moderated by Shannon Parker, Laufer Curator of Collections, and will be followed by a Q+A.

This event is free, with no registration required.

About Creative Minds:

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In partnership with Halifax Public Libraries 

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