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May 19 – August 20, 2017

In A Flash is an ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia exhibition of photographs produced by grade 11 visual arts art students at Halifax West High School in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Guided by photographer Brittany Warren, the students used pinhole photography as a vehicle to respond to the work of Harold Edgerton and his explorations of the photographic medium. A pinhole camera is a lens-less, light-proof box with a hole the size of a pin-head in one side. Light from a scene passes through the hole and projects the image onto light sensitive paper or film.

Pinhole photography, in nature, is the antithesis of the strobe laden images Edgerton captured.By exploring his subject matter without relying on strobes, we’ve created long exposures that playwith the creative core of Edgerton’s ability to freeze a moment in time.”
–Brittany Warren

This exhibition was made possible through the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s ArtsSmarts Nova Scotia program with the generous support of Arts Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Department of Education.



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