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Were you at the opening reception for Terroir: a Nova Scotia Survey on June 24? Members, partners, sponsors and special guests joined the exhibition’s artists (just about all 29 of them were present) to celebrate a truly unique contemporary collection. With works selected through a one-of-a-kind process that invited the submission of works in a diversity of artistic mediums (with no demographic or age restrictions), Terroir  showcases arresting works by acclaimed and emerging artists exploring Nova Scotia’s rich visual culture. From the Latin “terre,” meaning land, terroir is defined as the set of special characteristics that the geography, geology, and climate of a certain place express in certain agricultural products, most notably wine. Loosely translated, terroir is a “sense of place”, and this exhibition seeks to ambitiously unearth and celebrate the unique flavor of the province’s very own terroir.

“It’s been thrilling to work on a project of this scope and nature that evokes such a strong flavor of Nova Scotia’s current visual culture,” said Sarah Fillmore,co-curator. “The unique process allows us to present the artists’ exciting practices and works rooted both in history and the present-day. The overall presentation has resulted in a remarkable and memorable harvest of works.”

The Gallery’s Chief Curator, Sarah Fillmore, gives opening remarks in the company of co-curators
David Diviney (Curator, Modern and Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia) and Bruce Johnson (Independant Curator)

The opening reception was attended by approximately 500 people and featured local wines and chocolate (courtesy of food & drink sponsors Luckett Vineyards and Sweet Spot Chocolate Shop respectively), with catering provide by Pavia Gallery – Espresso Bar & Café. We were joined by sponsors The Roy, Starfish Properties and Total Transportation Solutions, plus supporting partner RBC.

Terroir: a Nova Scotia Survey is on view in Halifax until January 15, 2016.

For artist names and more details about the exhibition, read the news release here.

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