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ArtParty is coming up on January 20, 2017 (and again on March 24, 2017).  To help you get in the mood, lets do a deep dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about this unique event. 

What is ArtParty and how is it “different”?

ArtParty offers a unique night-out. Tt is an event for anyone over the age of 19. It allows guests to experience the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia – and art – in a new way. The evening features live music, open galleries and art-making. So wander the gallery and view the works that are being exhibited or try your hand at making a piece of art to take home in the studio.

This is the perfect event whether you are a regular visitor to the Gallery or just curious to check it out. Our guests love to share their experiences on social media and you can see all sorts of happenings from previous ArtParty events by searching the hashtag #AGNSArtParty on Instagram & Twitter.

What happens in the studios?

The studio is one of the coolest parts of ArtParty. Depending on which local artist is leading the studio sessions, you may experience a number of things.

We’ve had people make wearable art, do interesting collages with vinyl and vintage record sleeves, glue-gun art, and even frottage – which is a fancy way of making art by taking a sheet of paper and rubbing graphite over objects to allow the images to transfer through. We should also mention that the studio activity is included in the price of your ticket.

Is the whole Gallery open?

In most cases, yes, although some floors may shut down as the evening goes along to encourage visitors to gather in one area to listen to the entertainment.

Is there an age limit? What kind of crowd attends ArtParty?

Age limit is 19+ . The Gallery is always has a great mix of ages and we welcome everyone who is interested in ArtPartying with us!

What kind of entertainment can I expect?

We love supporting local talent. We’ve had all kinds of entertainment, from DJs to live bands of all genres. This time around we’re featuring Ghettosocks, a Juno-award nominated, local hip-hop artist with a great Haligonian following. We will also be featuring DJ T-Woo, known around Halifax to throw some of the city’s best dance parties (The Jam, VIBES).

Art Party with Lunette

What is the Young Patrons Circle?

The Young Patrons Circle is a membership group within the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia that is designed for and encourages young professionals to get involved with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and learn more about art. They are involved with hosting events like ArtParty, and in the past have held supper clubs, gallery tours and cocktails & culture events.

What do you do with the money ArtParty raises?

Money raised by ArtParty helps fund Gallery programs and the acquisition of new Canadian contemporary art.

For more information contact Krista Wadman | 902 424 4862

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